Thursday, May 23, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - This Started It All

For today's Treasure Chest Thursday, I went back to what pretty much started me on my genealogical journey... a compiled genealogy of my Washler ancestors.  I would love to say that this genealogy was a perfect treasure chest with complete and accurate information that had perfect citations.  Unfortunately, as is the case far too often, this genealogy, while incredibly extensive, is missing some information and is completely undocumented.  This made (and still makes) the genealogy a two-edged sword, especially back when I was just starting out in my journey.

Compiled and Edited by Edwin Wiley
The compiled genealogy is titled, "Descendants of Heinrich Worschler: also these names Warstler, Werstler, Wearstler, Wastler, Washler, Wershler" and was compiled and edited by Edwin Wiley.  Unfortunately, there isn't any other publication information, and I actually have no record of where I received this genealogy from.  (Yes, I know, that was a huge rookie mistake on my part!)

When I received this packet many years ago, you can imagine my excitement.  I had just received something that showed my lineage back to my 6th great grandfather who was born in 1681!  It was a beginner genealogist's dream come true!  And I will say that looking back through this document now, it really still is a bit of a dream come true.

The genealogy provides some great history of where the Washler family comes from (mostly Stark County, Ohio) and has relatively complete information for each generation that has lived in the United States.  It even, thankfully, has what appears to be very accurate information on where the family came from when they first came over to America from Germany.

Over the years, I have been working my way through this genealogy, attempting to find the pieces of evidence with the information needed to prove each relationship so that I can put together a complete, and fully documented genealogy.  This little treasure has provided me with more "To Do's" and research questions than I could ever have hoped for when I first started out.  I guess I could almost say that this is a "Thankful Thursday" post as well because I am incredibly thankful for the existence of this genealogy and the path that it has given me to follow as I research the Washler history.

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