Thursday, May 2, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

As most genealogists do, I utilize a lot of on-line resources in my research.  My list of bookmarks in Firefox seems to go on forever, and that is just my research sites and doesn't include others that I categorize as resources or societies, or libraries get the picture.  Of all of the sites that I use, I think I would call each of them a bit of a treasure chest at times, but I have never had one site that became a treasure chest for me the very first time I used it, until now.  Enter the site for the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG).

I have set aside a lot of my new research lately to focus more on improving my records organization, my documentation and citations and to spend some time on genealogy education. (Stephen Covey called this "sharpening the saw.")  But I do find myself doing some "casual" research from time to time.  This research is more just doing some Google searches on problems or brick walls that are waiting for me on my to do list.  I will browse the search results looking for new leads and then if I find something, clip it to Evernote for later reference.

On Tuesday of this week, I was doing some casual research over lunch and decided to look for my great great grandfather, Anton Hablawetz, who has been a bit of a "brick wall" for me in that because of the unusual last name, the spelling variations that I have found have been incredible.  See my posts here and here to see what I mean.  Before I had let my Ancestry subscription lapse (I know, that is near heresy in the genealogy world), I had noticed a hint for Anton that mentioned the name "Hablerwitz" in a ships passenger index.  Since I currently can't access the record on Ancestry, I decided to Google that variation of the last name and see what I found.  What I ran across was an incredible hit....the passenger list manifest for the Ship Republik on the ISTG website.

Here I found this listing:

108* Adam Hublerwitz        32      male    Farmer   Bohemia           Ohio 
109* Anna Hublerwitz        29      female           Bohemia           Ohio 
110* Johann Hublerwitz       8      male             Bohemia           Ohio 
111* Maria Hublerwitz        3y6m   female           Bohemia           Ohio 
112* Joseph Hulterwitz baby  0y9m   male             Bohemia           Ohio
(National Archives and Records Administration, Film M237, Reel 196, List 1092., Transcribed by Gene Janssen, a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, 7 April 2010)

Hmmm....okay, yet another variation on the Hablawetz last name...great!  But, more importantly, while the list shows his name as Adam, I am nearly positive that this is Anton and his family.  The date of the ship's manifest matches the information I had regarding his year of immigration; the ages for him, his wife and the three children match information I have previously found, and the location they came from matches.  Even better is that there are several more entries in the manifest that show people who appear to be relatives which may give me even more research opportunities for finding these ancestors!

I am still in the process of analyzing all of the information about the Ship Republik, but at this point, it appears that the good people at ISTG have absolutely shattered what I once considered a brick wall in my genealogy research....definitely a treasure chest of a website!

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