Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surname Saturday - McCleary

This week's Surname Saturday is my first surname that appears to be from somewhere other than Germany or Austria.  At this point, the information that I have points to the family being either Scottish or Irish in origin.  The strongest evidence that I have is actually very ambiguous because it refers to the family as Scotch-Irish in origin!  (Talk about non-helpful!)

Surname: McCleary

Variations:  None that I have run across to this point.

Origins:  The information that I have, points to the family coming from "Probably County Antril, Northern Ireland."  Since I have not found anything that identifies a "County Antril" in northern Ireland, I am working under the hypothesis that the reference is actually to County Antrim in Northern Ireland.  From Ireland, the next information that I have points to the family being in the Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania and then from there, to various locations in Ohio, but for my family, specifically Wyandot County, Ohio.

Goals/Challenges/Plan:  The McCleary family is one that I have done very little research on.  Most of my information comes from a family tree that I found online which was, unfortunately, completely undocumented and the author never responded to requests for further information.  The rest of my information comes from an article published on December 13, 1910 in The Daily Chief in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.  The article was about a McCleary family reunion that was attended by my 2nd Great Grandmother, Hannah (McCleary) Hill and held on the farm of her father, Alexander McCleary.  When I resume my active research, I have added the McCleary family to my "to do" list and I am working on a research plan to trace this family back to Ireland or Scotland.  I have already performed a quick online survey to see what may be available in the way of records, and it would appear that I may be able to make some decent progress with this family when I go back to active research.

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