Friday, May 24, 2013

Follow Friday - May 24

I've had a bit of a busy week, so I'm way behind on my blog reading.  This week's Follow Friday list is a bit on the slim side, unfortunately.  Below are some of my favorite posts from this week that I have gotten through.

Google+ and Genealogy - A Happenin' Place - This is a great article about using the power of social media in genealogy research.   

Explosion! - Jen Baldwin is what I would consider one of the "founders" of a new genealogy society that is geared toward the younger generation of genealogists - those that, unfortunately, some more "established" societies tend to discount.  I'm quite proud to say I am getting in on the ground floor of this amazing effort.

Genealogists are not being pushed out, Reinforcements are being invited in - I had planned to write a blog post in response to the article that Devon is talking about here, but after reading her response, mine would be completely redundant. (And probably not nearly as well written!)

I'll try to catch up this weekend and stay up for the week!

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