Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Earl Link and Hannah Hill

June 16, 1925

Earl C. Link and Hannah T. Hill - June 16, 1925
I wish that I knew more about how my grandparents met.  Before she passed away, my mother wasn't able to tell me much about her parents' engagement or dating, but she was able to find some fantastic pictures from their wedding day and even the newspaper announcement.  To me, they look so young in these pictures, and yet at 24 and 22 respectively, they had already moved well into their adult careers as you can see from the wedding announcement below.

Earl and Hannah's Wedding Announcement - publication unknown
They almost look like they got caught unaware by this picture


  1. A great find! But I must admit she doesn't look too thrilled...I wonder why the long face?

  2. That's a good question, Heather. I asked my mother about it when she shared the pics with me several years ago, and she said that my grandmother always seemed rather "serious." As I have looked through the pictures that I have of her, her smile is always one that is almost shy or demure, so it may be that she just didn't smile much. Unfortunately, I was still pretty young when she died, so I don't remember a lot about her smile myself.


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