Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - John Warshler

Today's Tombstone Tuesday post is my 2nd Great Grandfather, John Warshler.  Finding where John and his wife Caroline were buried was one of my first cemetery hunts.  I don't mean hunting for the stone, I mean actually hunting for the cemetery!  John and his wife and several of their children are buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery in Jackson Township in DeKalb County, Indiana.

In today's world of internet, google maps, GPS and so on, finding Bear Creek Cemetery is as easy as typing it into Google, and poof you have a map, GPS coordinates and directions right to the cemetery.  Back in the 1990's, all I had were some rough directions to a relatively neglected little cemetery on the side of a country road.  I did eventually find Bear Creek cemetery and was able to get pictures of John's tombstone as well as a few others in the cemetery.

John was and is one of the key people in my Washler ancestry line.  John is the person who brought the family to DeKalb County where I grew up, and it also appears to be with his children that the Washler, Warshler and Warstler lines in DeKalb County came into being.  The variations of the name existed prior to John, but it is interesting to see how each of his children seemed to take a different variation on the name.  Needless to say, John has many many more hours of research that will be devoted to him in coming months and years.

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