Saturday, April 20, 2013

Surname Saturday - Link

The Link Surname holds a couple distinctions in my genealogy research.  The first is that it is the only family line so far where I have a confirmed notable connection and the second is that it has the distinction of being the oldest line that I have information on (though admittedly, I have not personally confirmed and documented all of the information to date, but the source was documented and "appears" to be well researched).

Surname: Link

Variations: Link, Linke and Linck are the three forms of the surname that I have run across so far in my line.

Origins:  My Link line originates in Germany in the area of Württemburg, Germany.  The information that I have so far, has the family coming to the United States in the early 1700s and settling first in Pennsylvania.  From there, my part of the family moved to Ohio and has remained mostly in central Ohio.

Distinctions:  As I said before, this line has a few distinctions in my research.  The earliest information that I have for this family dates back to Dieter Linck who was born in Germany in 1430.  The information that I have going back that far is not my own research, but does appear to be well researched and documented.  The second distinction is a couple of "famous" relatives.  I have posted about both before - my patriot ancestor, Adam Link, who was one of the last living veterans of the American Revolution, and I have been able to confirm a family connection to President Dwight Eisenhower through Adam's uncle, Matthias Link.  President Eisenhower's grandmother was a Link.

Challenges and Goals:  My main challenge and goal with this line is to follow the previously done research and confirm the documentation and lineage.  This will be a fun one since I have a pretty solid trail to follow!

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