Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Mary (Dickson) Link

Obituary for Mary Link
(Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
Wyandot County Republican,
23 Sept 1897

This week, my Sunday Obituary is the oldest published obituary that I have in my collection.  Mary (Dickson) Link was my 3rd Great Grandmother.  As the obituary says, she was born Oct 7, 1822 in Ohio.  She married Shepley Holmes Link on February 23, 1847.  Mary and Shepley had 14 children together. (Can you imagine?!)

One item in Mary's obituary that caught my eye was the sentence, "She was converted under the preaching of Rev. J.V. Updike in 1875, and gave her hand to the church and her heart to God, and His grace sustained her through sorrow and affliction."  The reason that this sentence caught my attention was that my 3rd great grandfather died in 1875.  What this tells me is that Mary may have either had a conversion moment during her sorrow over loosing her husband of nearly 30 years or that in the course of her grieving, she "found religion" and chose to convert.  One thing I have not yet discovered, is what religion Mary converted to.  That, I am afraid, will have to remain on my "Research To Do List" for a while yet.

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