Friday, April 5, 2013

Funeral Card Friday - Hannah Theresa (Hill) Link

Grandma Link died when I was just six years old.  I have only snatches of memories of the times that my sister and I spent with her...mostly random memories both from the house she lived in and then the apartment she moved to toward the end of her life.  But one thing that I still very vividly remember is her funeral.

Grandma Link's funeral was my first experience with death (at least the first that I remember since my Grandma and Grandpa Washler both died before I was even 5).  It's funny the things that our mind holds on to as memories... I remember standing outside of the church before they had taken the casket in and talking with my father about why Grandma looked so alive.  I remember him taking me for a walk to talk about death and what it meant.  I'll be darned if I remember what was said, but I remember the day and what the trees looked like.  If I were to walk back into that church today, I am almost positive that I could point to exactly where I was standing when that conversation started.

Sometimes I think that one of the best things about family history research is the memories that it can bring back to the surface.

Happy digging!

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