Thursday, March 21, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday

My fiancee and I are combining households and as anyone who has tried to do that knows, it lends itself well to the process of going through stuff and getting rid of a lot!  This past weekend, as I was going through one of many boxes, I stumbled across a small treasure (or set of small treasures) that I had forgotten about.

About six years ago when my mother passed away, all of us kids had to get together and go through a lot of miscellaneous personal items and divide up the important ones between us.  One of the things that came into my possession was the set of lighters pictured here.  While they may not look like much to most, these four lighters are somewhat of a "family heirloom" as they all belonged to my maternal grandfather.  Two of the four are not particularly unique as they are pretty much the standard "Zippo" lighters from the mid 1900's. (One is actually the Zippo brand while the other is a Wind Master.)  The other two, however, are somewhat unique in design and function, or at least they are to someone like me who has no real knowledge of lighters from that era.  The one that I found most interesting is the bottom center.  You can't quite tell from the picture, but it is designed to fit around the end of a pack of cigarettes and even has a clip built in that slipped down inside the pack.  I have a vague recollection of my mother telling me that that one was the one that her dad used when he worked on the railroad, and the black one was the one he used when he was "dressed up."

My next task with these is to see if I can find new flints for them and see if they still function.  Now wouldn't that be a treasure - to be able to use the lighters that my grandfather used!

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