Saturday, March 30, 2013

Surname Saturday - Paessler

Herman Julius Paessler - date unknown
The Paessler family name is one of my "primary" surnames that I actually know the least about.  My great grandmother, Clara Augusta Paessler, was the daughter of Herman Julius Paessler and the entire family came to the United States sometime prior to Clara's birth.  I have yet to find any immigration records short of one possible note on a passenger log that matches Clara's mother, Theresa, as far as birthdate and a possible misspelling of the surname (Passler vs. Paessler).  Beyond that, this is one of my genealogical brick walls...and probably the one that I am most enthusiastic about breaking down.

Surname: Paessler

Variations: Not many known to date... Passler, Paesler and Pasler are the possibilities I have seen so far.

Origins:  I have confirmed that my great great grandfather, Herman Julius Paessler, was born in 1839 in Altenburg, Saxony Germany near the Czech border.  Beyond that, I have not been able to trace the name back any further.  The only records I can find of the family up to this point, are of them living in Wyandot county in Ohio, so at this point, I am working under the assumption that this was where they first immigrated to.

Challenges:  The Paessler surname will be the one that most likely is my first "international" research effort since it is one of two that are the closest to me as far as immigration into the United States.

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