Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Isaac Link

Sometimes, it is something as simple as an obituary that can help correct bad assumptions on our part or clear up a mystery for us or, worse yet, create a new mystery for us.  The obituary of my great great Grandfather, Isaac Link, was one of those for me.  And the ironic part is that his obituary did all three!

I would have included a scan of Isaac's obituary except that my dear old reliable scanner isn't compatible with Windows7 and so it is now sitting over here beside the computer with about as much usefulness as a boat anchor.  So in lieu of a scan, below is the text of the obituary that I found for Isaac Link in the Wyandot County Republican from December 16, 1910.  I found this obituary several years ago when I was first getting started on my genealogy research and it has proven to be invaluable to me.

Died In Georgia
I.C. Link, a former resident of Nevada, died suddenly Monday morning in his home, in Dublin, Ga.  He was aged about fiftysix years and is survived by his wife and five children.  They are: N.H. Link, of Nevada; Orville Link, of Pottsville, La.; William Link, of Montgomery Ala.; Mrs. Pearl Lister, of Demopolis, Ala.; and Mrs. Tessie McGearl of St. Francisville, Ala.  The Link family moved from Nevada to Georgia seven years ago.
The remains will arrive at Nevada sometime Friday and will be taken to teh home of deceased's son, N.H. Link.  No arrangements will be made for the funeral until the body arrives.

This obituary proved to be a treasure trove of clues for me as well as the source of a few mysteries. I had always thought that my mother's entire family was from Wyandot County, Ohio.  All of the graves I had found are there and all of my direct ancestors showed their birth places as being there, and other than some stories about Isaac traveling in the late 1800s and early 1900s, I had never even heard stories that would hint otherwise. Along comes this obituary that completely changed that picture.

I found that I had relatives in Louisiana and Alabama and that my great grandfather wasn't even living in Ohio when he died! This broke down a number of walls for me early on, but also gave me a mystery that I have yet to fully solve - why was my grandfather traveling so much, and what was his cause of death?  The cause of death may forever elude me because I have found out that apparently, Georgia did not require death certificates until 1920, and no death certificate exists for Isaac.  I've not given up on a hunt for a cause of death, but it was put on a side burner for a while.

As to the traveling mystery...that one continues to provide a source of great genealogy research.  I have found that my great great grandfather lived in Arkansas, Texas, Alabama and Georgia and had an interesting variety of occupations.  I look forward to someday solving this mystery and being able to write the story of Isaac Link's life and travels.

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