Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Welcome to the blog!  I've decided to start a new blog to "journal" my genealogy journey.  Admittedly, this is not a new journey - I have been doing genealogy research for several years and have made tremendous progress in tracing several lines back even into the 1500s.  It is just recently, however, that I have gotten serious enough about my research to go back, and begin the process of fully documenting what I have collected so far.  This is the real challenge - to prove the family "legends" and suppositions that others have taken as "fact."

The research I have been doing follows both my father's family (the ancestors of Donald Washler and Mary Hablawetz) as well as my mother's family (the ancestors of Earl Link and Hannah Hill).  Surnames include Washler, Hablawetz, Farver, Nicholls, Hill, Link, and Paessler.  Localities cover mostly Indiana and Ohio, but it appears I will be heading into Pennsylvania, and overseas to Germany and other countries in the near future.  My posts will range from family findings to research tactics and just posts about genealogy in general.

I hope you enjoy!  Please share your thoughts and comments at any turn.

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